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How Long Do Coffee Makers Last — Answered

How Long Do Coffee Makers Last — Answered

They say you don’t really know someone until you know how they like their coffee.

Do they prefer a drip coffee, a filter brew, or an espresso-based drink? Do they take it black, or with milk or coffee creamer? Sweetened or unsweetened? Hot or cold?

Studies show that over 64 percent of American adults drink coffee every day, which means there are a lot of people making a daily cup of joe. There are a lot of machines in a lot of homes helping make that happen. 

What coffee maker you use will of course depend on what kind of coffee you like. 

So, how often should you replace your coffee maker? The answer depends upon the kind of coffee maker you have, its quality, and how well you take care of it. Here is a brief run-through of the lifespans of the most common coffee makers. 


How long do coffee makers last?

Electric coffee makers, such as drip coffee machines and single-serve capsule coffee makers, last for five to ten years. Manual espresso machines can last for over twenty years. Pour-over coffee makers, French presses, and mokas can last a lifetime if properly cared for. 


How long an electric drip coffee maker lasts

Electric drip coffee makers can be found in many households and offices. 

Drip coffee machines work by heating water in a heating element.

When water reaches the correct temperature, it gets dripped down onto coffee grounds contained in a filter basket.

The coffee is then collected in a carafe underneath the filter basket. The carafe is kept warm on an electric hotplate so that it is ready and waiting to be served.

There are many different standards of drip coffee makers, which brew coffee of different qualities. Usually, the higher the quality of the electric drip coffee maker, the longer the machine will last. 

Most electric drip coffee machines last between five and ten years. 

If you maintain your machine well, clean it regularly, and do not leave it on for too long after you have finished enjoying your morning coffee, it will last longer. 


How long a single-serve capsule coffee maker lasts

Another common type of electric coffee maker is a single-serve capsule machine. Capsule machines make espresso using purchasable pods containing ground coffee. 

The machine heats up water and then uses built up pressure to force the hot water through the capsule of grounds, thereby creating an espresso with a delicious layer of foamy crema. 

As with electric drip coffee machines, single-serve capsule machines come in a wide range of standards. A high-quality, well-maintained capsule espresso machine can last for around ten years. 

However, if a capsule machine is of a lower standard or is not properly cared for, it may only last for two to three years. 

Experts recommend ensuring you are giving your machine the proper care in order to get the most bang for your buck. Run a clean capsule through your machine once every month. This will clean your machine’s nozzle and brewing chamber. 

In addition to this, you should also descale it every four to five months. This will remove any limescale and calcium that may have built up in your machine and will make sure that your thermoblock continues to heat up as it should. 

Make sure you know how to use your capsule machine properly, including how long coffee pods last, in order to get the best espresso out of a single-serve coffee maker. 


How long a manual espresso machine lasts 

The king of coffee makers is of course the manual espresso machine. This is that long, tank-like thing you see on the bar in your favorite specialty coffee shop. 

A manual espresso machine is a difficult thing to work. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, a manual machine is not the thing for you. It can be very unforgiving to newbies. 

However, once you have learned how to use it, manual lever espresso machines can be used to craft the perfect cup of coffee.  

A machine’s lifespan will depend on its type, frequency of use, type, brand, and complexity. 

A cheaper, lower-end espresso machine will last between five and ten years, while a high-quality one that is well maintained can last for more than twenty years.

Machines made of durable materials like chrome or brass will last longer than ones made of cheaper metals or plastics. 

If you are going to make the considerable investment in a manual espresso machine, you should also consider buying it from a reputable maker who will be able to fix it for you if something goes wrong. This will ensure your machine lasts longer. 

You will need to descale your espresso machine regularly in order prevent the buildup of scale inside the machine. Scale occurs when mineral deposits clog the espresso maker. 

You will need to descale your at-home espresso machine every other month in order to keep your manual espresso machine in good condition. 


How long a pour-over coffee maker lasts

Pour-over coffee is made by pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter and allowing the resulting to then drip down into a mug. There are several varieties of pour-over coffee makers.

There are ceramic V60 coffee makers, glass coffee drippers, glass carafes, plastic drippers, and metal drippers, to name just a few.

Most pour-over coffee makers can last a lifetime if you take good care of them! Regular cleaning and keeping them in a safe place will ensure a long lifespan.


How long a French press coffee maker lasts

French presses, which are comprised of a carafe and a press-down mesh filter, make a delightful filter coffee. 

To use a French press, put coffee grounds in the empty glass or stainless-steel beaker and pour hot water over them. Then press down on the mesh piston until it has reached its lowest position. Your coffee will then be ready to pour!

Depending on how well you take care of it, your French press can last quite a long time. Cleaning after every use is essential!


How long a stove-top coffee maker (moka) lasts

Mokas, also known as stove-top coffee makers, can also last long enough to be passed down through generations. 

Mokas, which include a small stove-top pot, a basket for the espresso grounds, and a screw-on top with a percolator, are solid, dependable coffee makers. 

Mokas must be cleaned after every use. 

Purchase a high-quality moka, like the original Bialetti model, to give yourself the best shot at a long relationship with your stovetop coffee maker.

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