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The Best Ways to Drink Loose Leaf Tea — Uncovered

The Best Ways to Drink Loose Leaf Tea — Uncovered

Brewing tea is child’s play. All you need is water and tea leaves. But drinking tea, on the other hand, is a work of art.

There is no one way of doing it, but some methods are preferred over others. 

What makes matters even more complicated is the regional difference and cultural attachments with various ways of drinking tea. Who would have ever thought there would be wrong ways of drinking tea?


How to drink loose leaf tea?

From cups, bowls to using a French press, there are several ways you can enjoy drinking loose leaf tea. Another way is to make it in a kettle or teapot using the traditional method. Let’s not forget drinking tea with the variety of infusers like the travel infusers, ball infusers, and mug infusers.


How to drink loose leaf tea in an infuser

Infusers are in many ways like teabags. They come in various shapes and sizes. The most popular type of infuser is the tea ball, used famously in regions where people are new to the tea-drinking world. These are mostly made of metal which is hollow from the center.

The loose-leaf teas are added to the hollow center, and the ball is closed. The ball may be added directly into a teacup or into a kettle. The loose leaf tea is then left to steep.

Another widely talked about infuser is the travel along with infuser. Some of you might be hearing the name for the first time. However, they are one of the most amazing things that the tea world has to offer.

Travel along infuser is a mug within which you add the loose leaf tea along with hot water. You then place the filter on top, preventing the tea leaves from interrupting your sips and ingesting them.

Yet another excellent infuser option is the mug infuser. All you need for this concoction is a cup of your liking that would fit the piece. This infused is essentially like an add-on filter. 

To use it, you must first add hot water to a cup and then place the mug infuser on top. Once the mug infuser is stably placed, add the loose leaf tea into the infuser, let it steep for how long you desire, and then remove it to drink.


How to drink loose leaf tea in a french press

You would be surprised to know that many “instruments” used for making coffee are versatile enough to brew loose leaf tea. Such is the case with French presses. 

To use a French press for brewing tea using loose leaves, simply add the tea leaves to the bottom of the holder, followed by the mesh and plunger. Add the boiling water on top and let the mixture steep. 

For enhanced flavor and aroma, use the plunger to squeeze out all the goodness that the loose-leaf tea has to offer.


How to drink loose leaf tea using a bombilla

Of all the methods discussed on how to drink loose leaf tea, this is far by the most fun and straightforward approach. It eliminates the use of extra utensils and calls only for a cup. 

What is a Bombilla, you may question? It is essentially a straw that originated from Spain traditionally made of metal alloys such as alpaca silver or stainless steel. 

This straw is not like a regular one since it is closed on one end with porous openings that act as a strainer and prevent the leaves from being consumed. All you need in a cup with loose leaf tea and hot water added to it to use this straw.


How to drink loose leaf tea with the help of a muslin tea bag

We all know pre-packaged tea bags make for an awful stale cup of tea. Instead of buying the pre-packed tea bags, you can make your very own by using a Muslin bag. 

All you need is this bag and a loose leaf tea of your choice, add it to the bag, and it is ready to be used as a regular tea bag. The only difference you will encounter the tea brewed using these will taste fresh each time. 

When using a muslin tea bag to brew your loose leaf tea, ensure that you purchase unbleached tea bags. You can always reuse these bags by discarding the used tea leaves and then washing them.


How to drink loose leaf tea in a cup

We are sure most of us have watched harry potter and remember the scene where they are in a tea leaf reading class. If you are fond of the particular scene, you might also like this method of drinking loose leaf tea.

You simply have to add the tea leaves directly into the cup with hot water and let it steep. Once done drinking, you can also carry on with reading the tea leaves. Note that is method is only suitable for those that do not mind ingesting bits of tea leaves.


How to drink loose leaf tea using a pot or kettle

Pot or kettles are traditionally the most frequently used method for brewing loose leaf tea around the world. To use a kettle for brewing tea, all you have to do is add water into the pot along with the loose leaf tea.

Once you are happy with the desired level of color and taste of the mixture, pour the tea into a cup by placing a strainer on top. 

Although this method is frequently used, we consider it to be the most time-consuming one. Moreover, it involves the use of multiple utensils, which also mean more dishes to clean.


Drink it cold

There is no better way to enjoy your loose leaf tea on a hot summer day than to drink it cold. If you are a tea addict and want to enjoy your tea even during the hottest days, iced tea is the way to go.

You can make large batches of hot tea and place it in the fridge to cool, or you could let your tea leaves steep longer in already cold water. For added refreshment, you may add a couple of ice cubes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Drinking Loose Leaf Tea


Does the taste and aroma of tea depend on how you drink it?

The taste of your tea changes due to various factors starting from the utensils you use to the time you let the leaves steep. It is always best to enjoy tea by drinking it in a glass cup.


At what temperatures should I brew my loose leaf teas?

Every loose leaf tea has its own ideal temperature for brewing. While black and herbal tea needs to be brewed at 212°F (100°C), white and green tea has to be brewed at 185°F (85°C).