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10 Ways to Make Herbal Tea Taste Better — Yummy!

10 Ways to Make Herbal Tea Taste Better — Yummy!

Herbal tea has become the latest trend in today’s day and age.

But while many people have started consuming this tea because of social media, there are actually many benefits to it.

Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, people are now shifting to drinking herbal tea because it helps improve your digestive system, is calorie-free, and helps boost your immune system.


How to make herbal tea taste better?

Herbal tea can be made better by adding a number of things to it. These things can include flavorings, natural or artificial, or even syrups. Most people prefer adding more natural ingredients to their herbal tea to make it taste better, while only a handful of people might add sugar.


10 Things you can add to your herbal tea to make it taste better

There are several things that can be added to your herbal tea. You do not have to limit yourself to only a handful of things. 

But, there are some ingredients that you can add to your herbal tea which will make it taste better and still remain healthy. These ingredients include:



These fruits are a great addition to your herbal, even if they seem like an odd choice. Adding a mix of berries such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries can help make your herbal taste more filling, and you won’t feel hungry later.

If you like drinking herbal tea as a breakfast choice, then the addition of berries will get you started on your day with a full stomach.

Berries will add more sugar and less tea taste into your herbal tea. If you like adding additives during summer and spring, then fruity herbal teas are the best choice.



Adding citrus into your team from lime, oranges, grapefruits, and even lemon can help add a natural sweetener into your herbal tea.

You can cut up slices of citrus fruits to squeeze them into a bottle or a cup and keep it ready to add the juice into your herbal tea anytime you want to consume it.

If you dislike the taste of pulps, then use a strainer while you are squeezing out the juice from the citrus fruits. Lemon and grapefruit have a much stronger and tangier taste than the rest of the citrus fruits available in the market.

Thus, the use of oranges is a better option as oranges are not as tangy and are much sweeter.

You can add the citrus fruit juice into any herbal tea, but these added juices taste best with citrus tea flavors.


Honey and honeysuckle

The most classic ingredient found in herbal teas is honey. This is because honey adds a natural sweetness to your herbal teas and is considered not to be a bad substitute for sugar.

Honey will help add a silky-soft taste into your herbal teas as it helps take away the leafy taste. The more honey you add to your herbal tea, the thicker your tea will get. 

If you do not like the strong taste of honey, then just add some lemon juice to even out the sweetness. The combination of honey and lemon taste best in hot herbal teas.



Cinnamon is the best option if you feel like spicing up your drink. This ingredient is especially delicious during the winter season.

Cinnamon is often associated with the holidays, which is why so many people love adding it to their herbal teas.

Adding a little bit of chocolate into the tea can also help elevate the taste. Since cinnamon is flakey, you will have to strain the tea before consuming it.


Peppermint or mint

Peppermint or mint is another great addition to your herbal tea. The smell of mint can be very strong but extremely refreshing, especially during the summer and spring seasons.

Peppermint can help cool down the body and can also feel great when you have a sour throat. It’s best with green or mint herbal teas.


Lemon basil and lemon thyme

Lemon makes the taste of herbal tea extremely delicious. Thus, the addition of either lemon basil or lemon thyme can completely change the change of your herbal tea.



Ginger can help add a zing and spice to your herbal tea. It helps with sore throats, can cleanse tour sinuses, reduce flu symptoms, and even reduce nausea.

Just try to avoid using too much ginger in your herbal teas as an excessive amount of it will add a sour taste to the tea, and it will even feel sharp on the tongue.

Ginger tastes best with chai and pomegranate tea.


Almond and coconut milk

Adding milk into your herbal tea can help add a creamy flavor to your drink, and it will also make your milk feel light.

Using almond and coconut milk is a better option than any other milk choice as their taste compliments the taste of several different types of herbal teas, such as pumpkin and green tea.


Maple syrup

This ingredient tastes best with cinnamon, green, chocolate, and vanilla, herbal teas. Just two to three drops of maple syrup can change the whole taste of your herbal tea.


Sorbet or ice cream

Herbal tea by itself can be really bitter because of the strong content within it. Adding sweet things into your herbal tea can take the taste to the next level.

Using ice cream of any flavor, such as vanilla ice cream and make your herbal tea really delicious and easier to consume. This isn’t the healthiest option, but it definitely tastes great.


Frequently asked questions on how to make herbal tea taste better


How can you make herbal tea sweeter?

You can add sugar to herbal teas, but adding more natural ingredients like honey is a better option. Stevia can also be used instead of sugar to emulate the taste of sugar without risking your health.


Can cow’s milk be added to herbal teas?

You can add any milk into herbal teas as the taste of the tea will depend on what you would like to consume.