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The 7 Best Places to Buy Empty Tea Bags — Revealed

The 7 Best Places to Buy Empty Tea Bags — Revealed

There’s no comparison between loose-tea leaf and bagged tea. Every tea-lover would always opt for loose-leaf tea if it was not for the extra effort that comes with it. 

The freshness and wholesomeness of loose-leaf tea are worth all the extra time and effort you need to put into making it. Still, there are better ways to prepare this tea rather than using the conventional metal ball infuser.

Buying empty tea bags and filling them with loose-leaf tea might sound like a tedious process. But trust us, it’s way better than having to use a metal ball infuser. Invest your time once, and you’ve got a ready-to-use supply of loose-leaf tea for the month. 


Where to Buy Empty Tea Bags?

There’s a range of online sellers and e-commerce platforms you could head to for buying empty tea bags. Muslinbag, Rishi, Natural Tea Bag, and Herbco are some specialist tea bag makers. You can also manage to find the empty tea bag of choice from Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart. 


7 Best Places to Buy Empty Tea Bags

If you searched for empty tea bags on Google, you would’ve been barraged with sponsored sites and tea sellers. Navigating through so many places to find the perfect place to buy empty tea bags for yourself is a challenge. 

Fret not. Here’s a list of the 7 best places you can buy empty tea bags from cherry-picked for the avid loose-leaf tea drinker. 


1. Muslinbag

Muslinbag is an American company that offers quality, heat-sealable empty tea bags. They offer tea bags in two sizes, 2.5×2.75” and 4×5”. The smaller size carries enough fill for one cup and the large one can be used for a pitcher of tea. 

They use extremely high-quality oxygen bleached paper to prepare their tea bags. The paper used is perfectly suited for tea infusion and retaining even the tiniest of particles inside the tea bag.  You can buy empty tea bags from them in sets of 50 bags each. 


2. Rishi

Rishy is a well-known tea seller brand and they produce excellent empty tea bags too. 

Filling these tea bags is relatively easy. They have a wide open end for a spoon to slide into and are biodegradable. Most importantly, you don’t need to seal these!

Empty tea bags from Rishi don’t have drawstrings, you can just put over the flap on top of the tea bag and let it float as the tea infuses. They’re one of the best tea bags in the market for their high-quality, unique functionality, and affordable price. 


3. Natural Tea Bag

As the name suggests, this company specializes in making tea bags and may be the perfect choice for getting your select empty tea bags.

Using the tea bags from is extremely easy. All you have to do is fill the bag with custom fill and flip it closed. 

Unlike most self-sealable tea bags, these seal perfectly within seconds and won’t allow the smallest tea particles to trespass into the liquid. Also, these tea bags are made from the healthiest tea bag material. 

They do not contain adhesives, bleach, staples, or any other artificial materials commonly used in other tea bags. 


4. Herbco

Herbco offers their trademark “press n’ brew” empty tea bags, which are also dubbed DIY tea bags. Herbco also avoids the use of any unnatural materials in preparing their tea bags. 

Available on, the empty tea bags come in a single 2.5×2.75” size. The small pack carries 50 tea bags, but they’re also sold in cases of 5000 tea bags. 

They might be a bit hard to seal, but if you seal them right, the fill is guaranteed to stay inside. The paper they use is made of thermoplastic fibers, Abaca, and cellulosic fibers. 


5. Amazon

Amazon is the place where you could buy anything, except the illegal stuff of course. When looking to purchase empty tea bags, Amazon is usually the first place that comes to mind. 

You must note that navigating through the e-commerce site to find the best product is on you. There’s a range of empty tea bag products. They come in different sizes, qualities, and prices for you to choose from. 

You’re recommended to go through the empty tea bags listed on at least the first page of Amazon to find the best deal. 


6. Etsy

Just like Amazon, Etsy offers a range of different empty tea bag products from a range of suppliers. Unlike Amazon, most suppliers you find on Etsy may be small-scale so head to Etsy if you want to support them.

Etsy has special tags for USA-made products so finding locally produced empty tea bags might be easier. 


7. Walmart

The empty tea bag products available on Walmart’s website are really limited, but Walmart still is one of the reliable places you could find empty tea bags. 

Because there’s not a lot of products to pick from, you might be better off visiting some of the other sites we’ve mentioned above. 


What to Check for When Purchasing Empty Tea Bags?

When buying empty tea bags, there are a few things you might want to check to make sure you’re buying the right thing. Check for tea bag size, the type of paper used country of manufacture. 

If you usually prepare large quantities of tea at one, larger 4×5 inch tea bags are better for you. Tea bags also vary in the material they’re made up of. Some use bleached paper, while some use natural fibers. 

Some tea bags are bio-degradable while some are not. So, make sure you’re making the right choice by buying environment-friendly products. 

Also, some tea bags are missing drawstrings and only have a large flap on top. The choice depends on you whether you want to go for conventional drawstrings or without them.  


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Empty Tea Bags

What tea bag sizes are there? 

Tea bags come usually come in two sizes, 2.5×2.75 inches, and 4×5 inches. There are also family-size tea bags to make fairly large amounts of tea. 


Why should I purchase locally made tea bags?

Purchasing locally made empty tea bags are simply a better environmental choice. These have a much lesser carbon footprint than teabags imported from overseas and purchasing them is also a way of supporting the local industry.